The Comparison data with Halogen Lamp

Lumos provides the highest CRI lighting for the professionals, from R1 – R15

Generally Ra is the average value from No.`1 to No.8  and excludes 9~15.  Lumos LED lights includes all values.  Most LED lights have very low value on R9 (Strong Red) and R12 (Strong Blue). Lumos LED light is rated above 90 on R9 and R12 unlike others.




Chroma Key Studio

CRI 90

CRI 80

CRI 70

CRI Comparison chart

What is the CRI (Color Rendering Index)

CRI is a general indicator of how "natural" object colors will appear when illuminated by a particular light source.  Generally, A CRI of 90 and above will be required for broadcasting and film.
Tungsten Light
Average LED
Low Grade LED
Max. 100
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Highest CRI - 98 Ra at 3200K, 96 Ra at 5600K

Better spectral distribution and No green cast

Lumos, The Natural LED lighting

The R&D department of Lumos is filled with engineers who have gained their experience with companies such as Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and LG. These engineers apply high tech methods into developing  Lumos lighting units that will exceed your expectations  
“We used multiple LED sources this year, the Lumos 500MK produced the best pictures of the bunch!"
Daniel McElroy Senior Lighting Designer / Director of Photography CBS Television Los Angeles Lighting Designer Pasadena Rose Parade “Pre Parade Show” 2014
“The Lumos 300MK is a solid, high-performance instrument, perhaps the best performer on the market today.”
Barry Braverman Cinematographer / Reviewer, Studio Daily
"I was amazed at the quality of light and the pure color temperatures of the Lumos panel compared to all other LED light sources I've used in the past"
Michael FitzMaurice Cinematographer in Hollywood
"The Lumos are user friendly with the ability to Run Battery or AC. The Bi- color are nice on skin tones & minimal green output. There are other more  powerful LED panels but they are Horribly Green."
Bobby Wotherspoon Gaffer in Hollywood

Lumos, Highest TLCI  - 99 at 3200K / 97 at 5600K

European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has devised a new system of assessing colorimetric quality called ‘Television Lighting Consistency Index’ (TLCI) in 2012 to address the shortcomings of now commonly used system ‘CRI’. Because the way cameras interpret light slightly differs from how a human eye perceives it, the TLCI attempts to provide a more accurate prediction of color fidelity of light source in broadcast setting. Lighting equipment with high CRI rating may have low TLCI due to inaccurate color temperature. Lumos LED achieved TLCI measurements of 99 at 3200K and 97 at 5600K respectively. Also, Lumos LED implements accurate Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 3200K + 100K / 5600K + 150K, Furthermore demonstrating the superiority of Lumos LED’s light quality.
M ode l
C C T                                       TLC I
Lum os - 3 0 0 M K
3 2 0 0 K
9 9
5 6 0 0 K
9 6
Lum os - 5 0 0 M K
3 2 0 0 K
9 8
5 6 0 0 K
9 7
Lum os   H a wk 1 5 0
3 2 0 0 K
9 7
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